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 Is it possible to include a Top xx-List in my site?

It is possible but not recommended. If you're on a high traffic site this can cause too much server-load. If you still want to do it, don't say you have not be warned.

Nearly everything is the same as with the normal GuestStats. Same script, same possible parameters. You only have to add "?simple=1" if you don't use any other parameters, if you use one of the possible parameters for the normal Gueststats, add "&simple=1". Include the script using SSI. That only works if your server allows SSI-commands, if it doesn't ask your admins to activate it.

On some servers (especially on NT-Servers) you have to use a different SSI-call to include a script. Try it if include virtual doesn't work:

<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/schlabo/dl_gueststats.pl?simple=1"-->

Please note that most servers only parse files with the extension ".php" for SSI-calls. If your server does not parse the SSI-calls, try renaming the file where you want to include the scripts to ".php" or contact your administrator to change the configuration of the server.



To show the full logs:

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/schlabo/dl_gueststats.pl?simple=1"-->

To show the Top 10 Downloads:

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/schlabo/dl_gueststats.pl?top=10&simple=1"-->