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Information - DL

Schlabo's DL is much more than most of the Download-Counters that you can find everywhere. Here is a short list of the best features:

  • Optional Leech-Protection - Protect YOUR files!
  • Comfortable Logs: Even visitors can take a look at how often each of the files has already been downloaded.
  • Upload the files directly from the Admin-Interface and let the script automatically add them, no need to mess around with FTP anymore!
  • The script uses Aliases for files, that means you can easily use mirrors, the logs are much more readable and you can use it to prevent other sites from stealing your files!
  • While we're at it: The script doesn't allow download-requests from other sites, thus keeping your bandwidth your own.
  • Before the download starts the user gets to a new page, that gives you an additional ad-impression for every download and you can also put some notes about what to do after downloading on that page!
  • ... and of course it also has all the advantages of the General Admin-Script, like IP-Logging and Password-Protection.



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