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Schlabo's Admin makes configuring the Schlabo's Scripts easier than you can imagine. You never have to edit any configuration-files anymore:

  • Revolutionary Auto-Config: Download the scripts, upload them to your server, and that's it! The scripts will do most of the configuration-work for you completely alone!
  • Tweak all settings from the comfortable and fast Schlabo's Scripts interface - no more editing of huge Perl-Files like you have to do at other scripts.
  • The best protection - crypted passwords, multiple users with restrictable access, optional cookies,...
  • IP-Tracking: Every access to the admin-scripts is tracked, so if someone finds out your password and messes the configuration up you can easily find out who did it!
  • Innovative "What's This?"-Help: If you don't know what a setting is just click on this link and a window with a detailled description will pop up. Set up the scripts online in just a few minutes!
  • Check for Updates: Click on the link in the navigation-bar and the script will check if you're still using the current versions of all parts of Schlabo's Scripts!



Powerful and easy user-management
"What's This?" - Feature, Configuration through Admin-Interface



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