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Every site uses small preview-thumbnails with links to the full, large pictures. But when you link directly to the picture there will be an ugly white border around the image. With Schlabo's SP you can give your site a much more professional look and feel:

  • The script automatically generates a new page for each full picture. This way you can customize the way the page around the picture looks like using powerful templates.
  • The script can automatically upload the picture and generate the link-code for you!
  • If you want you can let the script display a description on the picture-page, if not otherwise specified the script will also automatically determine the URL of the page that called the script and place a link back.
  • Get an additional ad-impression per shown picture.
  • Count how often your pictures are shown, view and edit the logs using the Admin-script!
  • Let your visitors view Guestlogs and display how often a pic has been shown next to it!
  • ... and of course it also has all the advantages of the General Admin-Script, like IP-Logging and Password-Protection.



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