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Live Demonstration

To give you a real experience of how easy the scripts are to install and use, an actual copy of the scripts will be uploaded for you so that you can play around with them.

You will see how Auto-Config does everything for you, what the admin-interface is like and how many possibilities the scripts offer you.

Sorry, the demo is no longer available.


 Differences and Limitations:

The scripts which are uploaded are taken directly from the distribution and are exactly the same as you get when you download the scripts. To maintain security on our server, server-security-mode has been enabled in the scripts-configuration (no upload-functionality, no server-paths are being displayed). The ads are needed to pay for the server-costs, of course there are no ads in the normal version. Your tryout demo-version will be removed from schlabo.com after about one to two hours. You are not allowed to use the demonstration-scripts-installation at schlabo.com on your site.