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Future of Schlabo's Scripts

Perl has been dominating the web for a long time, however times are changing and PHP is getting more and more successful. Schlabo's Scripts have always been intended to be cutting-edge, so they will be redone from ground up and will be coded using PHP. The next generation of the scripts will have tons of new features which you've always wanted to have.

Picture of the Day-Script (potd3)

  • Auto-Administration of the thumbnails: No more messing around with FTP, the script will be able to upload and resize the pictures itself and manage them in several directories.
  • Visitor-Comments for POTDs
  • Visitor-Ratings
  • Option to use a random picture of the day

Download-Manager (dl3)

  • Manage your whole files-section with the script (descriptions for each file, screenshots, sections,...).
  • Optimized Algorithms making the database and scripts faster.
  • Display customized messages for certain servers (for example a note on user-limits or if you want to give credit).

Image Gallery (ig3)

  • Automatically generates picture-galleries for your site, either using all pictures in a directory or pictures you specify.
  • Option to enter descriptions and additional information for each picture.
  • The script generates thumbnails automatically and also manages multiple categories.


The future's nice, isn't it?