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 How do I use the Guest-Stats?

Simply link to the DL Guest-Stats-script. So it should look something like that: "/cgi-bin/schlabo/dl_gueststats.pl". The visitor can only view the logs in Alias-Mode and can not modify anything. You can restrict his access even more by setting the Guest-Log Status in the DL-Configuration:

  • "0": Allow viewing Guest-Logs without further restrictions. If you want to show the user only the Top x-downloads + let him have access to the search-function, the script-call should look like that: "../dl_gueststats.pl?top=5"
  • "1","2","3",...: The script will only show the Top x-downloads. If you set it to 5, only the Top 5 Downloaded Aliases will be visible. Also the Search-function is deactivated. If you want to show your visitor the full logs without the Search-function simply set this to a very high value like 999.
  • "-": Guest-Logs are deactivated, this setting has no effect for someone who logs in to the scripts using the password and goes to the DL-script.

In the DL-Config you can also specify that each entry of the Guest-Stats is a download-link to the URL, so they can download each file directly from the Top xx-Downloads-Page.