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Here are some of the comments from people who installed Schlabo's Scripts:

"I would like to complement you on how damn easy this script is to use. Best script I have ever used without a doubt."
   - Jay -- FragPipe.com

"Awsome scripts, love the POTD especially, truely amazing how its all automatically done and so self explanatory. Looking foward to see what you come up with next Schlabo"
   - FragMan -- Tiberian Sun Central

"I like the script! It's so easy to use, and it's feature packed. The auto config is great, even easier than Newspro's and the POTD is just what I need! Thanks for giving it out for free!"
   - Kennerz2k -- TSL Webmaster

"Thanks for the scripts, really easy and really customizable and cool!"
   - Elite AOK Webmaster

"The scripts are very cool, I really like the DL and POTD scripts :)"
   - Kane -- TSTD Webmaster

"I just wanted to say you've done a very nice job with these scripts. They are easy to use and quite powerful. Keep up the great work!!!"
   - Edward

"I think your project is really absolutely cool and it is great that you give everything away for free!"
   - Christian Kupsch

"Thanks, Schlabo, for offering such excellent scripts for free. They are some of the best I have ever used, and are the most user friendly to use and install."
   - Jim