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Schlabo's POTD gives you the power of professional Picture of the Day-Scripts which cost hundreds of USD for free! It has a very intuitive interface and is as easy to use as possible. It has tons of features, the best of them are outlined here:

  • You can assign pictures for many years in advance. That means that you can add all the pictures for the next few months on one day and the script will automatically do the rest and you don't have to take care of the script at all!
  • You can assign a description to each of the pictures and if someone sent you the POTD you can give him credit. If you want the script can also let the script automatically notify him about when his picture will be used!
  • The Admin-Script displays all the POTDs in form of a calendar which makes it easy to administrate and edit them!
  • Add a picture at the next free day with just one click!
  • Let the script upload the pictures directly to the server, no need to use FTP or give your webmasters full FTP-access!
  • If you want you can let your visitors browse through previous POTDs using the comfortable Visitor Gallery!
  • The script features a well thought-through database-system with an extra file for each month. That keeps the file-sizes down, minimizes the risk of a data-loss and makes the script much faster!
  • ... and of course it also has all the advantages of the General Admin-Script, like IP-Logging and Password-Protection.



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