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 How can I use multiple mirrors for one file?

You can use multiple mirrors for one Alias. Just assign exactly the same Alias to more than one URL.
If you view the Guest-Stats or the DL-Logs in Alias-Mode then all mirror-URLs will show up under the same alias.

The question is: How to link to each mirror? When you use the URLs for linking it's no problem. However what if you want to link to the Alias (for example if Leech-Protection is activated)? Schlabo's Scripts also have a feature to make this possible.

Example: You have 3 mirrors for one Alias ("myalias"). If you want to use the first mirror (the one where the file has already been downloaded most often) link to the file as usual ("/cgi-bin/schlabo/dl.pl?myalias"). If you want to use the second mirror use: "/cgi-bin/schlabo/dl.pl?myalias&mirror=2". For the third mirror: "/cgi-bin/schlabo/dl.pl?myalias&mirror=3". Of course you could also link to the first mirror using mirror=1 but if nothing is specified the script will automatically use the first one.