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Installing Schlabo's Scripts is maybe the easiest thing you've ever done in your whole life. It's recommended that you read through the short and simple 4-Steps Installation-Guide that will tell you all the things you know about installing Schlabo's Scripts on your site.

 Upgrading or Adding Scripts:

If you're upgrading to v2.01 or are adding a script to an existing v2.01-installation, please read the Upgrading-Instructions!


After a few minutes at most you should have the script up and running. Then it's time to tweak it a bit and to adapt it to your site. Everything's rather self-explanatory, but you may still need some help. That's why you should read through the Q&A-Sections for the scripts that you'd like to use. They answer all the questions you might have about adding new POTDs or tracking downloads.


If you experience problems with getting the scripts to run, please check out the Troubleshooting-page.