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 How can I include the thumbnail in the newspage?

If you want to show the thumbnail on a page of your site with a link to the POTD-Display-Script and the description of the picture you have to include the "potd_thumbnail.pl"-script. That only works if your server allows SSI-commands, if it doesn't ask your admins to activate it. To show the thumbnail simply add this line at the position where you want it to be:

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/schlabo/potd_thumbnail.pl"-->

It will automatically display the thumbnail+description for the current day, if no pic was assigned for this day it will show the N/A-thumbnail (you can specify the URL of this picture with the General Admin-Script). If you configured to script to show the previous picture if none was found for the current day it will do that instead of showing the N/A-picture.

You can also tell the script to display only the thumbnail or only the description. This is useful if you need these two things on different places of your page. If you want to display just the thumbnail, add ?display=thumbnail to the URL of the thumbnail-script when including it using SSI. For the description add ?display=text.

Example for displaying the thumbnail only:

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/schlabo/potd_thumbnail.pl?display=thumbnail"-->

On some servers (especially on NT-Servers) you have to use a different SSI-call to include a script. Try it if include virtual doesn't work:

<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/schlabo/potd_thumbnail.pl"-->

Please note that most servers only parse files with the extension ".php" for SSI-calls. If your server does not parse the SSI-calls, try renaming the file where you want to include the scripts to ".php" or contact your administrator to change the configuration of the server.