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 What's the use of the database?

The database-file is the file where the script logs all the downloads for each URL and Alias. There are two possible ways to let the script handle it:

1. If you set "Auto-Add" to "0" using the General Admin-Script, it will only allow downloads of files that are listed in the database. Of course you have to add them manually to the database before you open the download to the public. The advantage is that the script will not add files that don't even exist (happens for example if visitors try changing the parameters of the DL-Script-call) which you have to remove again yourself.

2. If "Auto-Add" is set to "1" the script will add every URL that it gets automatically to the database, with the standard-alias that you specified using the General Admin-Script. The advantage is that it doesn't matter if you forgot to add a file to the database, the download will still work and you can set the Alias to something more useful later.