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 How do the Alias-Count Datafiles work?

This feature will create a text-file for each alias in a directory that you can specify yourself. This text-file only contains the value of how often this Alias has already been downloaded and can be included to your pages using SSI. This nearly doesn't take any server-time at all, whereas executing a script that has to search through a whole database can be quite time-consuming.

As you can use signs in the Aliases that are not allowed in file-names, only letters and numbers will be used for the filename. This example should explain how that works. Your Alias is: "My Super-Alias Nr. 3". The filename of the Alias-Count file which will be created will be: "MySuperAliasNr3.txt". Easy.

Every time you go to the Alias-Mode of the DL-Admin-Script (not in Guest-Mode) the script will do an integrity-check of the Alias-Files. If a file is missing and/or the values stored in the files don't match the database for whatever reason, a link to rebuild the Data-Files will be displayed. Click on it and everything should be fine again.