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Uploading the files

Next you have to upload the files. In you cgi-bin-Directory you should create a schlabo-directory and upload all the files from the /schlabo/-directory of the archive you downloaded. It's recommended that you put all the files into /cgi-bin/schlabo/ on your server.

Make sure that you upload all files in ASCII-Mode and not BINARY! Most modern FTP-Clients know that themselves, but it's still recommended that you check if it really uploads everything in ASCII.

Also make sure you CHMOD the directory and all of the files to 755, the config-files to 777!

CHMODing the files to 755

This example shows how CHMODing works with FlashFXP. Select all the files, right-click on them, click on "Attributes (CHMOD)", set "Manual" to 755 in the following dialogue-window and click on OK. Now select the config-files (config*.pl), and CHMOD them to 777! If you use another FTP-Client it should work in a similar way, if you don't know how then check out the help-files.

The script also needs several image-files for links, logos and other stuff. It's recommended that you put them into an /images/schlabo/ - directory on your server. Create it and upload all the files from the /images/-directory of the archive you downloaded. Images have to be uploaded in BINARY mode.

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