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Best-Rated Scripts

Schlabo's Scripts have gotten great ratings and reviews from script-sites all around the world.

At one of the most popular, The CGI Resource Index, each of the scripts are the best-rated of their category! With that they beat scripts that cost $100 or more, while still being completely free of charge!

The individual ratings are (as of May 27th, 2003):

  • Schlabo's DL - 9.73 (of 10)
  • Schlabo's POTD - 9.67
  • Schlabo's SP - 9.69
  • Schlabo's COW - 9.67


Here's what users say about the scripts at scripting-sites:

"Great script. Does everything that you'll ever need for a site that offers downloads."

"Great scripts, professional, fully-customizable, secure, and easy to install."

"I was very impressed by how easy it was to install and configure this set of scripts. And if you're up to it you can easily customize the scripts even more. Great!"


The scripts get equally positive ratings at other sites. As an example the user-ratings of HotScripts.com:

  • Schlabo's DL - 4.60 (of 5)
  • Schlabo's POTD - 4.66
  • Schlabo's SP - 4.65
  • Schlabo's COW - 4.47


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